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Welcome to my projects homepage
On this page you will find some information about some of my many projects of which some eventually reaches a stage of maturity where I feel I actually has something to show.

Recent projects - Ray tracing a billion triangles
Older image from my home-grown raytracer. 13094 instances of the Stanford Bunny. 69451 triangles in each bunny giving a total of 909,391,394 triangles!
The image took 16 minutes to render opposed to 4.5 hours, before I started on some heavy optimization in my source code.

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Implemented reflection and refraction. The algorithm works with recursive reflections/refractions and takes a lot of computing time. When I finally got the fresnel terms right the images came out looking pretty cool. Also made procedural textures for the marble look of the dragon.

Ray Tracing

About ten years ago I first was introduced to the simple and beautiful principle of ray tracing by a friend of mine. Dispite ray tracing being a simple algorithm it delivers beautifully computer generated images with only a small effort, programming a few hundred lines of code.
Back then the ray tracing programs I made only included a few spheres, ellipsoids and planes. The problem was complexity. Adding more objects to my computer generated scene, increased the computation time so significantly that attempts the ray trace scenes with 10 or more objects would cause my Amiga 500 to crunch numbers for days before producing images as small as 320 times 256 pixels.
Recently I took up ray tracing again. Now ten years later with computers being faster and me being more proficient in the art of programming I found out that I could get much further. In the following you will be able to see some of the images I have produced and read about the algorithms I used.
My raytracer is programmed in C++ and compiled with the free compiler MinGW.


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Please visit my www.mathika.dk homepage. A nice replacement for Windows Calculator called Mathika.