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The Gray Raytracer can be downloaded from this homepage. Gray is a commandline tool for rendering images of 3D objects and scenes. The objects are defined using the XML based fileformat supported by Gray. Objects in these formats can be acquired by converting objects from either .PLY or 3D studio MAX .ASE files into the Gray XML format.

A scene is defined by a simple script file using the Gray commands.

Version 0.2 - 30. April 2005

Version 0.1 - 2. January 2005



Version 0.2 - 30. April 2005

- Implemented XML based 3D object file format, which supports multiple models and multiple meshes.

- Changed triangle mesh definitions so normals are given for each corner in a triangle, which makes it possible to both have smooth and sharp edges in a mesh.

- Implemented simple form of photonmapping which still is under development.

- Disabled antialiasing until a better algorithm is implemented.

- Added a Cornell box test scene.

- Added cylinder type camera for making eg. 360 degree images.

- Changed short name of Greiner Raytracer from GreinerRay to Gray

- Renamed PlyToGray.exe to PlyToGrayBin.exe

- Made PlyToGray.exe tool that converts from .PLY format to Gray .XML

- Made AseToGray.exe that converts a 3D Studio Max ASCII .ASE file into the Gray .xml format.

Version 0.1 - 2. January 2005

- First released version of Gray.

- Supported format is Gray .BIN format, which supports a single triangle mesh.
- Materials supported are glass, diffuse, plastic and mirror.

- A procedural marble texture can be defined using the texture marble command.